Welcome To CareZips®

After watching Caregivers struggle to change the adult briefs and seeing the discomfort the process caused to my parent, I thought surely there is a more efficient and more compassionate solution to address adult incontinence. From this need, the patented product CareZips® was formed. A pant unlike any other providing frontal opening from entire waist to both knees, enabling a faster change of the brief for the Caregiver while providing the adult more dignity, more comfort and confidence.

“Extremely pleased with this product. I have purchased approximately 12 pair for my father who had right leg amputation. These pants look like dress pants, they are comfortable, easy care, light weight, he sleeps In these pants and has some for day wear. The third zipper is a life saver for my dad. He tells everyone how pleased he is with it. It gives him more independence and makes it easy to go to the bathroom without getting completely undressed. Suggest going up a size for easier dressing from a wheelchair or bed.”

 Connie M.
Morrow, GA