U.S. Patent No. D,721,469 and D,721,468
Patented CareZips® pants that open completely to the knees via three strategically positioned zippers. This unique fully frontal opening allows for an easier and faster access to the abdomen - for issues typically related to incontinence (e.g. brief changes), wound care, or bags. Current customers report efficient timesavings, less back strain, less skin shear probability, and less exposure creates more dignity. The pants provide an all-around more pleasant experience for all. An innovative healthcare textile provides nurses, caregivers, CNAs, or the wheelchair-enabled easier, faster, and more productive care. Socks and shoes are not necessarily removed to change a brief. The two side zippers are positioned slightly forward on the body to eliminate any discomfort particularly when rolled side-to-side. Use of the pants means not having to necessarily undress and redress. Easy to wash and no ironing necessary. The inseam is 29 inches.
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