About CareZips®

CareZips® are unisex pants for daytime wear specific to the Incontinent Adult Market. The features of CareZips® pants are:

  • The unisex three-zippered construction (patented) allows for quick and easy full-frontal opening from waist down to the knees giving wider access to change an adult brief.
  • Two-side zippers from waist to knee and the strategically placed 3rd zipper from inside one knee all the way up and down to the other inside knee create access unlike any other pants.
  • The two side zippers are sewn forward away from the hip bone to avoid rolling onto a zipper pull. Two small snaps are at the top of each side zipper.
  • Legs are slightly tapered for style and to prevent dragging.
  • Durable for home laundry.
  • Fabric is soft, yet an athletic feel - 7% spandex, 21% rayon and 72% polyester.
  • Many size options and colors are offered. Buy now.

Step 1: Unzip the interior zipper from knee to knee.

Step 2: Unzip both side zippers from waist to knees.

Step 3: Pull front down for workable ease and quick access.

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See CareZips® In Action


“When I presented the CareZips® pants to my wife’s caregiver, she immediately recognized their value for their catheterized male resident and asked for a pair for him.”

» Edwin J., husband to
an Alzheimer’s patient residing in
Wesley Woods Nursing Facility
April 2013 – Newnan, GA

“CareZips® are helpful to both the caregiver and the resident, but actually more so for the caregiver due to less effort in turning the resident from side-to-side.”

» An employee of Arbor Terrace
in Decatur, GA - May 2, 2013